Believe or not: What reveals position of the beauty spot about you?


The ancient Chinese people believed that there is some energy in our body which is active and creates a stain that says a lot about our character and destiny. In this article you will read about the meaning of the stains on particular body sections. It is up to you, whether you will believe in this, or just have a good time studying them.Believe or not What reveals position of the beauty spot about you

  1. The middle of the forehead- you may have some disagreeing with superiors and have problems with authorities.
  2. Left or right side of the forehead- concentrated person full with energy.
  3. Eyebrows- the birthmark right beneath your eyebrows symbolizes affluence. The birthmark on the eyebrow symbolizes great wealth, and if it is above the eyebrows, it means that you could have a stable supply of money in your life.
  4. Eyelids- if you have birthmark on your eyelid, you probably have disharmony in your family and you are losing money. In case you have birthmark just beneath your eye, it shows that you are emotional person.
  5. Cheeks- people with birthmark on their cheeks are lonely and have problems with starting a family and settling down. The birthmark near the nose is a sign of distress.
  6. Ears-this is a symbol for nice person, loved by everyone. If the birthmark is inside the ear, it could symbolize long life. You are an influential person if you have birthmarks on both ears.
  7. Nose- the birthmark on top of the nose is a sign of love issues and instability. The birthmark on the bridge of the nose is a sign of bad luck. The birthmark on the side of the nose says that you are good with the money.
  8. Chin-headstrong person that likes to travel.
  9. Lips- birthmark found on the upper part of the lip means privileged life and at the lower lip is a symbol of successful life.
  10. The neck- this part of the body is a connection between the spiritual and physical in our body. The birthmark on the neck is a symbol of edginess and can cause increased flow of energy through our body. This is why the people with a birthmark on the middle of the neck are a little bit wilder that the others.
  11. Hands- the birthmarks on the forearms are saying that you are emotional person.
  12. Chest-the birthmarks on the chest are symbol of the powerful people.
  13. Belly- birthmarks around the navel are a symbol of happy life.
  14. The palms- this means that you have some skills and you have a gift for earning money.
  15. Back- this means that you have a heavy burden in your life. You have to work a lot in order to have success, but it will take some time before you achieve it.
  16. Legs- these people have good sexual life and like to experiment. The birthmark on the leaves is a symbol of injury. The birthmark on the knees means a lot of money and welfare.
  17. Feet- these people are great leaders and are making the world a better place.

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Believe or not: What reveals position of the beauty spot about you?

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